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    Internet Explorer - one of the oldest browsers, which was developed in 1995 by Microsoft Corp., and it’s still among the most popular programs for viewing web pages.

    The browser interface is similar to other popular web browsers. Internet Explorer supports opening sites in new windows, as well as in new tabs, so a user could view multiple sites at the same time. The browser has an integrated search engine Bing, whereby a user is able to easily find information without going to the main page of the search engine.

    Despite the outside simplicity Internet Explorer provides a user with a huge number of settings to manage security and confidentiality when browsing websites, monitoring web content, as well as limiting and filtering the information obtained from the Internet.

    The program allows to check websites for security, and to block access to malicious sites. If a user needs a full confidentiality when viewing a particular site or group of sites, one can use the InPrivate, in which the user data is not saved (cookies, temporary files, browsing history).

    In addition, the browser has a pop-up blocker that blocks annoying pop-ups and increases security when browsing websites.
    As for displaying web pages the program allows to change the font size and scale, to choose the encoding, as well as to view the HTML source of a page. The autonomous work function will allow to view the saved Web pages without having to connect to the Internet.

    For advanced users, Internet Explorer provides funds which allow to edit the HTML code on the fly, as well as to manage the cache pages and other elements.






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