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    ISO Opener – it's a utility which is designed to replace cumbersome applications for CD burning in view of ISO-images. The utility itself does not create virtual drives; it doesn’t generate disk images, however, all that is not required for disc scanning.

    To see a desired image contents sometimes can be also done in the file manager but even here there are some problems. At first, not all of them (especially the free version) recognize the file format as an archive, from which something can be extracted.

    At second, it may be a view-only option, without extraction. At third, file managers, when dealing with large disk images, tend to work very slowly and with frequent lock-ups.

    ISO Opener niche is quite in demand, despite the entire simplicity of the application. Today, a tendency of a gradual withdrawal was finally outlined. Executable files can be now emulated also by the program means. However, a user doesn’t always need to emulate contents, and free virtual drives versions don’t allow to unpack.

    Certainly, one can always install such a universal media package as Nero Burning ROM but it consumes a lot of system resources, and they are not subject to the common user.

    ISO Opener doesn't contain anything superfluous. Visually, it's a small window with two forms to fill: Select the ISO image, and select a folder into which files will be extracted. The program has not been updated since 2012 but it works fine under new versions of operating systems, and can be included into any small modern collection of free utilities.






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