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    Junior Icon Editor is a small utility that helps to visually personalize one’s home computer. Custom icons and labels are an important design element of desktop and the graphic application interface. The customization of these elements has a purely aesthetic and completely practical application.

    Often, a standard set of icons is uninformative, insufficient; their colors can something not suit a user. Many programs support the replacement of graphic design of the default user. Then there is a need to draw a lot of small pictures by oneself.

    Certainly, it can be done by means of Photoshop, GIMP, and other professional bitmap editors, but it wouldn’t use their resources even at 1%. Such utility as Junior Icon Editor would perfectly cope a similar task.

    Junior Icon Editor allows to build a picture based on specified parameters (as we know, icons and shortcuts have certain size and resolution, adopted as a web standard, and as a common to all software designed for Windows). However, it doesn’t mean that artist's skills aren’t required, since the program is unable to draw by itself, it's just a graphic editing albeit significantly simplified.

    The Junior Icon Editor toolbar reminds rather Microsoft Paint, than a professional software for working with raster images, however, that is not required - because of the small size of icons, an outstanding detail was never required from them, and a necessary prerequisite for the selection of colors in the figure has always been the presence of a sharp picture.

    The undeniable advantage of Junior Icon Editor is “cell-by-cell” image building. It reminds of the same name method of teaching drawing absolute beginners in this field. It allows to recommend the program also as a kind of introduction to the training drawing on a computer before moving on to more advanced levels.






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