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Junkware Removal Tool 8.0.5

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    Junkware Removal Tool is a representative of programs-cleaners which delete all potentially dangerous software from a user's PC, as well as struggle with system's trash.

    Most of such cleaners have a standard interface with a common set of features, and even with their identical placement in tabs. However, Junkware Removal Tool is dramatically different from them, including the work quality.

    This application, in spite of its compactability, isn't only a cleaner but it's also a means of a PC security with a desent level of threat detection like for a relatively simple utility.

    The Junkware Removal Tool interface is designed for experienced users. It's sharply distinguished by its orientation for console commands, and as a whole, it rather recalls a DOS-application than a typical window of a modern software for Windows.

    It's conditioned by a high degree of the process automation: the program has a database (like antivirus ones but that works simplier - as an ordinary list), where the program, in fact, is presented - trash, malware, adware, fishing, and similar software.

    The utility just scans PC files for compliance to this database, and automatically removes them, no extra user actions are required.

    An outstanding Junkware Removal Tool feature is an extensive base above-mentioned. It's not a secret that even popular antivirus programs let through many advertising programs. On one hand, they don't cause any physical harm - they don't threat the data security, however, this class of "junk" is a very intrusive, it interferes with and clutters up the system registry.

    Junkware Removal Tool allows effectively to get rid of many unwanted and accidentally received programs, the "black list" utility is huge and it's constantly updated. An important advantage of the program is that it can also be considered an absence of installation and any traces in the system: It requires only a single executable file.






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