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    K-Meleon – a simple browser which doesn’t use a large amount of system resources and allows to easily and quickly browse websites.

    As most modern browsers, K-Meleon allows to open websites in new tabs, supports search in the address bar (by default the browser uses DuckDuckGo search engines), and also allows to view the history of visited websites and to add one’s favorite websites to bookmarks.

    Besides functions listed above, the program provides additional tools for working with the content of a webpage. The browser allows to:

    • Block any elements on the page, including images, cookies, scripts, pop-ups, frames;
    • Quickly transfer pages by using the Google Translate service;
    • Enable or disable Flash elements on a specific site;
    • Change the appearance by using skins;
    • Block advertisements, including advertising banners, ads and other elements;
    • Configure keyboard shortcuts to open one’s favorite sites (Hotlinks);
    • Use multi-search, which allows to search on many search engines at the same time;
    • Accelerate a web page opening by means of the built-in accelerator.

    K-Meleon appeal to those users who like to control any action. The app allows you to fine-tune how the appearance and behavior of your browser when opening certain websites.

    If several people are using the browser, K-Meleon will create profiles for each user with different settings.

    In addition, the browser supports extensions that allow to include additional features for the safe work with passwords, for removal of personal information after visiting web sites, session management, and imitation of some popular features of other web browsers.





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