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    KaraFun Player – it’s a great and free Karaoke player which allows to play all types of Karaoke files, and provides convenient functions for managing music and lyrics while playing one’s favorite songs.

    The main feature of the player is its multilinguality, whereby it may play karaoke files with text in different languages. The program supports Karaoke files with text in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, and other languages.

    The Karaoke player supports the following audio files:

    • KaraFun files (.kfn);
    • Audio files (including .mp3, .ogg and .wma);
    • Karaoke files (.kar);MIDI files (.midi);
    • CDG + MP3 files (.cdg);
    • Video files (.avi, .mpeg, .mp4, and others);
    • BIN files (.bin);
    • Other formats (.kok, .lrc, .srt).

    KaraFun Player allows to open individual files or entire folders. A user has only to select folder, and then the player will scan the folder on the availability of suitable files, and add them to the list.

    If there is a need to combine a group of files into a separate list the player will create a playlist. During a playback of a playlist, songs will be played one after another.

    KaraFun Player has its own base of Karaoke songs, which is constantly updated, and new hits. Despite the fact that most of the songs in the database are paid, the player has a free audio and composition. All files in the database conveniently divided by genres and languages.

    As for playing songs, the player allows you to customize the background and appearance of the text, change the volume of the background music, as well as to increase or decrease the tempo tunes.

    Generally, KaraFun Player is a great and free player for fans of Karaoke songs.





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