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Kaspersky Internet Security

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    For the last twenty years Kaspersky Anti-Virus has won a solid reputation of intensive but reliable solution in the field of computer security. Kaspersky Internet Security is a complex version of the program which offers many ways for protection against malicious software, and for preserve of confidentiality of correspondence and financial transactions.

    Older versions of the program generally required a fairly powerful computer, and a full scan of files took a very long time. But a while ago, this disadvantage was eliminated, allowing to recommend Kaspersky Internet Security for all computers.

    One of the main features of Kaspersky Internet Security is a focus on wide audience. The program is suitable for educational computers due to an excellent academic system of parental control allow you to filter inappropriate content for the child, which, moreover, almost always on sites infested with Trojans.

    Also, Kaspersky Internet Security is an advanced enterprise solution provides reliable banking and security letters, with built-in mail checks, effectively cuts off correspondence with dangerous links to software-extortionists. Moreover - exactly the same level of protection offered to mobile platforms, and the Wi-Fi security is not less effective than trapping viruses through "traditional" ways of connecting. It provides protection of webcams from unauthorized connections.

    There is a very effective "treatment for paranoid»: Kaspersky Internet Security creates a white list of trusted applications, and just cuts off all attempts to run other software on a user's machine.

    Reliability of Kaspersky Internet Security has won a lot of awards from a variety of virology laboratories; this program for many years is a strong leader in the parameter definition and disinfection of new threats. Today it is one of the best business solutions for the protection of your computer.



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