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    Kodi was originally designed as a multimedia shell for the first Microsoft game console – Xbox, and that predetermined both its future visual appearance and functionality.

    Indeed, the design of the program graphic interface is typically cantilevered, it’s focused on the simplicity of navigation with a gamepad and a good image quality, that’s being issued by a widescreen monitor or a large TV screen.

    On one hand, it greatly simplifies the mastering of the program by beginners, on the other – a player on the computer seems somewhat "atypically" compared with other solutions for Windows.

    Despite the initial development for Microsoft, the project eventually became open, allowing to add a great variety of configurations to meet specific needs.

    The most important and indisputable advantage of Kodi is its almost absolute "omnivorousity". The program plays almost all popular video formats, audio, several types of graphic images. It also from platformers have functional Kodi also inherited an ability to work with disk images in various formats.

    Especially valuable in terms of quality is an ability to play music in lossless-codecs, and video-in DVD and HD formats, respectively.

    By means of the built-in plugin manager a user is able to flexibly customize the media center appearance as well as to adapt it to the web interface (making it to look similar to the browser), to create more comfortable playlists and bookmarks, to turn on playback functions of relatively rare types of media files, etc.

    Developers of Kodi are known for their support of the community users in the business of improving their product, and do everything possible for the maximum compatibility of the largest number of extensions with it.

    Kodi – it’s a perfect solution for any multimedia computer, suitable for both beginners and experienced users, that allows to enjoy high-quality picture and sound, not only with conventional displays, but also with home theater system without losing the quality, and it’s completely free.





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