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    LAV Filters – it’s a free and a costless technology to produce high-quality images. Features of the patent legislation in different countries lead to serious limitations in use of not only independently but also in composition of other products.

    As a result - a large number of independent developments began to appear, which eventually were included in the most popular media players, such as GOM Player, Daum PotPlayer, and others.

    The main function of LAV Filters – is improvement of the "picture", according to users’comments, their application makes the image more saturated, "soaps" unnecessary artifacts (when viewing a highly compressed video). Simultaneously, however, it’s able to improve the display in HD-quality movies. In work with the sound LAV Filters provide a standard tool settings, however, they are not designed for a very high quality audio.

    The characteristic feature of LAV Filters is an operative development of this package of codecs. Unlike many other free software projects, this technology is constantly improved, including the compatibility with latest versions of the media player.

    The logical consequence of this is an excellent stability of these codecs in contrast with peers, which is why they are used increasingly. LAV Filters are now used in virtually any multimedia program, they do not require an additional software installation, and are highly compatible with most modern graphics cards series.

    In addition, elements of the LAV Filters technology apply outside the PC - in the periphery, such as various external video players and TV sets.






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