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    Powerful Media Player

    LightAlloy - a good media player with the original design for playing audio and video files.

    The program’s interface has a number of significant differences and additions which one wouldn’t find in other video players. For example, the scroll bar has a scale which is subdivided into equal time intervals. The program window displays both the file playing time, and user's local time.

    Light Alloy plays most known audio and video formats. The program allows to choose what formats a user wants to open.

    Besides media formats, Light Alloy also supports various formats of playlists such as CUE, IFO (DVD Index File), LST, M3U (WinAMP Advanced Playlist) and PLS (WinAMP Playlist). The program also allows to create and edit one’s own playlists.

    Besides basic functions of playing video and audio files, the program includes additional tools that extend the program’s functionality.

    Subtitles Management

    LightAlloy includes ample opportunities to work with subtitles. A user can choose color and font of the text, frames; set the alignment of the subtitle in regard to the picture. One can also select an external subtitle file if it is located outside of the folder with the video file.

    In addition, a user can specify a delay of subtitle display (in milliseconds) between the file and the text in case they are not in sync.

    LightAlloy Sound Options

    LightAlloy allows to change the sound settings, including normalizing, changing the balance of the sound, and selecting an audio track in video files with multiple audio tracks. The program also enables to download additional audio track separately.

    Service in the Media Player

    LightAlloy, perhaps, is the only media player that supports such an interesting feature.

    Not only a computer shutdown function at a specific time (for example, after playing the video) is available for a user but also a function of the alarm-clock. The program will play any audio file at a certain time selected by a user.

    Capturing Video Frame

    Capturing a video frame - a popular feature of modern video players. In LightAlloy it would be enough for a user to simply press a single button, and a film frame or a video clip will be stored in a folder.

    Among the additional features of LightAlloy, one can provide an opportunity to change the ratio, brightness and contrast , as well as the presence of function coup video pictures and change the appearance of the program.





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