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Maxthon Cloud Browser

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    Maxthon Cloud Browser – the web browser that appears like Internet Explorer which includes a variety of unique features for a comfortable and safe surfing in the Internet.

    Maxthon Cloud Browser is an innovative cloud web browser that allows the user to save all program settings as well as the downloaded files in a cloud.

    Due to this technology, the users can restore settings on any device with an installed browser. It would be enough to sign in to Maxthon Cloud Browser in order to do that.

    Browser developers did every to make Maxthon the safest possible. The user can use a special secret mode by using which the browser would neither remember the history of visited web pages, nor it would save cookies settings, search phrases and temporary files.

    An interesting addition to the web browsing function is the availability of sniffer resources, which allow to view all resources of the web page (images, audio and video files, scripts and style sheets) in a list. The user can download any of resources; for example, upload one’s favorite picture from a web page.

    The Browser has built-in developer’s tools that allow to edit web pages on the fly. In addition, the program allows creating and organizing cloud notes, using the night mode of the browser, and auto fill forms, as well as creating screenshots and translating web pages or blocks of text into other languages.

    Another feature of the Maxthon Cloud Browser is the Ad- Hunter tool, which allows to block advertising banners, as well as scripts and pop-ups.

    As any modern web browser, the Maxthon Cloud Browser allows to add new features and tools, and to expand opportunities of the program by installing extensions. All extensions are absolutely free and available on the program.





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