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Microsoft Security Essentials

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    Microsoft Security Essentials is an application created by well-known free antivirus Windows Defender. The utility can operate in two modes - to check in real-time and run on demand, as malware scanner modules. The program signals about any suspicious changes in the configuration settings of the operating system. It produces searching malicious modules in fast mode or in full, which performs a detailed analysis of all the possible vulnerabilities.

    Microsoft Security Essentials includes a tool to monitor application's work - Software Explorer. It allows you to get detailed information about the programs that are automatically loaded when the system starts, about the applications that are currently running, as well as the services and applications that use network connections.

    With Software Explorer, you can find out which process is using a particular compound, a developer from the program, and with which parameters the file has been launched.

    If the program detects malicious code, it automatically identifies the nature of the actions of spyware, for example, the program defines as "software to monitor customer", and determines the degree of potential danger. Microsoft Security Essentials helps to prevent the hidden work of utilities that are designed to collect sensitive data - key loggers, programs for remote administration.

    There are features of Microsoft Security Essentials:

    • Quickly and easily finding spyware and other unwanted programs that can slow down your computer, display pop-up ads, change Internet settings, or use your confidential data.
    • According to your instructions removes the detected spyware. In the case of accidental deletion of the desired program can be restored.
    • Follows all the action at a convenient time for you, regardless of whether the launch of on-demand or according to a set schedule.
    • Provides real-time protection by detecting all the possible ways of having spyware at your computer.
    • Helps to determine which suspicious programs can be classified as spyware. Windows Defender protects against the latest threats.

    Also any user of Microsoft Security Essentials can inform Microsoft about potential spyware software.





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