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    Miranda IM – it’s a multi-protocolary communicational application that works with many standards of text chats.

    Originally, however, it was a direct ICQ clone with a slightly modified design. Later the program became a very popular due to its outstanding expandability which allowed to create author's assemblies with extended sets of smileys, by additional versions of protocols, by varied skins of chat windows.

    The only significant disadvantage of this client can be called a little more latter update of modules communicational services, however, it's not so critical.

    Main functions and features of Miranda IM:
    • The multiprotocol: supports ICQ, IRC, AIM, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, and many other text messaging services;
    • The modularity with high compatibility: by means of plug-ins' function Miranda IM greatly expands to support additional means of communication to a variety of mini-games. Libraries of plug-ins connect and operate separately, that allows to protect the basic program from missions;
    • A high customization of appearance: a set of skins, additional text symbols, and animations, an ability to create toolbars that are attached to window messages;
    • Work exclusively on standards of Unicode. Early versions of Miranda IM worked with many formats encodings, which led to poor compatibility with foreign versions of "original" customers. The latest messenger versions don’t have this drawback;
    • The advanced cryptographic protection that was improved comparing to analogues of a private correspondence;
    • A good antispam.

    Miranda IM is a complete alternative to almost all clients of text messages that allows to store all passwords and settings in a single application.





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