mkvtoolnix 9.1.0

Video / Video Utilities
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    mkvtoolnix – it's a set of applications and console programs to work with Matroska files.


    mkvpropedit – it's a command line utility that allows to edit some properties of a Matroska file.


    mkvextract – it's a command line utility that removes some of the Matroska file format (tracks, chapters, tags);


    mkvinfo – it's an application to view the detailed information about a Matroska file. The program allows to open following video file formats:

    • Matroska files (mkv, mka, mks, mk3d);
    • WebM files (webm, webma, webmv).

    With this utility one can view a detailed information about the title EBML, data segment (size, duration, details of the tracks), information about chapters.

    mkmerge (mmg)

    mkvmerge – it's an application both for video files and convert files to be processed in the MKV. The program supports a large number of media formats and allows to perform the following steps:

    • to open a video file, and save it in the Matroska format;
    • to merge several video files;
    • to edit the basic information about a video file;
    • to view the information about components of a file, such as subtitles, audio tracks, and chapters, as well as edit this information;
    • to attach external subtitles and audio tracks to a video;
    • to add, edit, and delete chapters and subsections.





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