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    Music Editor Free – an easy and a completely free audio editor that works with any audio files, and allows to edit audio tracks and add effects.

    The editor supports a large number of audio formats including such popular formats as mp3, wma, ogg, cda and wav. In addition, a user can create an empty audio file or import audio tracks from Audio CD.

    The selected audio track is displayed as a graph or a Spectral Waveform mode.

    The program provides a rich set of features for audio editing. A user can copy, cut, paste, or delete selected fragment to import another audio file, or mix the current file with a different audio file.

    Music Editor Free allows to work with an entire audio track and a separate channel (left, right).

    There are also different effects that are available to users, and that can be applied to an entire file, or to its selection. All effects are conveniently combined into groups:

    • Delay and Echo (Echo, Vibrato);
    • Amplitude and Compression (Amplify, Fade In, Fade Out, Normalize, Compressor);
    • Modulation (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb);
    • Time and Pitch (Speed Change, Pitch Change);
    • Filter and EQ.

    It's far from a complete list of all available audio effects. A particular attention is paid to the noise removing function. Music Editor Free allows to remove background noise, cassette noise, as well as breath noises.

    The edited audio file can be saved as a wav. In the Pro version an audio file can also be saved in the following formats: mp3, .ogg or wma.

    Additional Music Editor Free tools:

    • Import audio from video;
    • Get audio from Youtube;
    • Burn CD/DVD;
    • Edit ID3 Tags;
    • Text to Speech;
    • CD Ripper;
    • File Merger (available in the Pro version);
    • Batch Converter (available in the Pro version).





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