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    MusicBee – it’s one of the best audio players which combines a handy interface and advanced tools for working with audio files.

    As many of today's media players, MusicBee allows to organize all audio files into a single media library. In this case, all files are grouped by genres, artists, and albums which allows a user to quickly switch between one’s favorite music genres or artists.

    Besides local audio files, the player allows to listen to music through Internet radio stations. A user has only to choose a music genre, and the program will display a list of all available stations, as well as the summarized information, including the format of the audio stream and number of listeners.

    During playback of local audio files, or listening to music radio stations MusicBee displays the general information about a current track, including an album cover, the information about an author, and a bit rate. In addition, the program will download the lyrics, using its own database.

    For more insistent users the player allows to view the detailed information about an artist, by means of the data from such sites as, Wikipedia, and Youtube, as well as to view additional images.

    MusicBee includes several additional services that provide a user with a set of unique features, including following ones:

    • A search for individual music tracks in the Internet with the ability to listen to a music online in a good quality;
    • An information view about new music albums with a detailed information about musicians and groups;
    • Musical concerts schedules and the ticket information view.

    The audio player allows to work with playlists, as well as to create one’s own unique playlists by means of the Audio DJ function.

    MusicBee doesn’t only allow to listen to a music, but it also includes several tools for working with audio files, among which we should distinguish the following:

    • Tagging Tools - a set of functions to edit tags of audio files, as well as to search for files with missing tags;
    • Manage Duplicates - a tool for finding duplicate files;
    • Convert Format – a tool for converting audio files from one format into another;
    • The Rip CD;
    • Burn Dics - a tool for recording audio files to a disk with the ability to create entire Audio CD discs.




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