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    Notepad ++ - a free editor of text files with highlighting of the syntax code of the majority of popular programming and markup languages.

    The editor was developed as an alternative to the standard Notepad, which did not suit users with the minimum set of functions.

    Over time, the Notepad ++ has evolved from a simple text editor to a powerful code editor which is used by many software and web products developers.

    Notepad ++ shouldn’t be considered as a full-fledged word processor. The program doesn’t contain tools for text formatting and document layout. By means of this text editor it’s impossible to insert a table or an image; however, if necessary to edit the code, to see the script, or XML file, one wouldn’t find anything better than this editor.

    Notepad ++ allows to highlight the code for all popular programming languages including ASP, C ++, C #, LISP, PHP, Perl, Pascal, Python, Ruby and VB. In addition, the program will highlight the HTML code, XML and SQL files. If desired, a user can define one’s own syntax.

    If a user works with the program code, one can set parameters and run the code to specify what program to perform this code.

    When editing HTML, the application will open a document in any browser installed on a computer.

    As for working with the text editor provides the following useful features:

    • adding and removing the indentation (tab);
    • a case conversion;
    • spaces removal at the beginning and the end of a line, as well as the conversion of spaces to indent;
    • advanced search and replacement of fragments of a text.

    Convenient functions of the program are also a selection and a conversion of a file into a specific encoding. The program supports conversion to ANSI, UTF-8, and UCS-2.

    The editor’s functional can be extended by installing plug-ins. Notepad ++ supports a large amount of plug-ins that allow to compare two or more text files, import the file in RTF and HTML, spell-check, encode and decode text (URL, Base64, SAML) and much more.





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