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    Opera – an innovative web browser with unique solutions in the field of design, as well as a set of useful tools that allow to quickly access popular sites, reduce the loading of Web pages, and allows to save traffic.

    The browser’s interface has a minimalistic style – the address bar contains only a few buttons to access the basic actions (adding a page to bookmarks, opening of the home page, reloading).

    Opera web browser has a unique feature - Opera Turbo, which allows to increase the loading speed of web pages at a low Internet connection speed. When this function is activate the data compression also takes place, that allows to save the Internet traffic.

    Opera was one of the first browsers in which a popular tool Speed ​​Dial for quick access to popular Web sites has appeared. Later, Speed ​​Dial appeared in practically every web browser.

    The particular attention in the web browser is paid to its security when viewing web pages, as well as the reliability of user’s data saving. If a user uses Opera on various devices, the web browser allows to synchronize data between devices (to brows the history, bookmarks, settings).

    The browser provides special tools for developers: to edit the code of web pages in the real time, to track scripts, as well as to view and to manage tabs.

    Opera allows to expand one’s own functionality using extensions. The web browser has download center extensions by means of which a user can find the necessary expansion, and install it for free.

    In addition, Opera can interact with other software by installing plug-ins.





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