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    Paint.NET – it’s another attempt to create a free and easy program for creating images and for photo editing.

    Adobe Photoshop is a professional standard of raster graphics editors over 25 years already, though it still remains quite an expensive, from a financial point of view, solution, it requires quite a decent computer, it’s complex in the study, and, what’s most important - the vast majority of its functions with amateur photo processing is simply not used.

    Often, even the time it takes for Photoshop to load all of its libraries and plug-ins exceeds the duration of the entire process of performing a simple retouching.

    Paint.NET functional is far from ones of professional editors, but all the basic tools for image processing are present (different types of brushes and erasers, lasso, clever shading, geometric primitives, etc.).

    The editor also supports one of Photoshop main business cards\individual features - work with layers (albeit with fewer settings). So, this program is not only suitable for a small correction of images but also allows to do simple collages, and significantly expands the possibilities for photo retouching.

    Paint.NET is very democratic in its system requirements (successfully works even on out-dated configurations) but it even allows to completely substitute the Windows graphic editor – Microsoft Paint.

    Create by a group of students, Paint.NET meets its original purpose. First of all, it is designed for beginners in work with raster images. A comfortable interface and presence of basic functions, identical to ones of professional editors, allow to use the program as an effective learning tool for the basics of drawing and working with color. In addition, there is a possibility of a free basic photo correction.





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