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    Panda Free Antivirus appeared on the market quite a long time ago, and originally was neither reliable, nor rapid in updating databases with current threats, nor by a general stability of work. However, the modern boom in cloud technologies has enabled the development to be on a par with the best anti-virus solutions and gain tangible niche in the computer security.

    The spread of high-speed connectivity and rapid filling of the "cloud" by fresh reports on computer threats enabled the Panda Free Antivirus to become an effective tool of protection against malware, spyware, potentially unwanted software.

    Panda Free Antivirus de jure is considered to be the best "cloud" program in the field of computer security. Its main feature – to transfer a part of the functional "into the cloud", to "Collective Intelligence" servers of the Spanish developer of Panda Security.

    It mainly applies the analysis of files behavior of the infections statistics, replenishing anti-virus database etc. Wherein a very good speed is reached due to the fact that user's computer resources are freed from a significant part of calculations.

    The presence of three types of scanning (instant, background, scanning with a prefetch sampling, protection against Trojans, spyware software, and annoying ads) should be highlighted among the functions of the actual antivirus.

    The antivirus is also equipped with a built-in firewall of a good quality as well as the parental control system(in Gold and Global Protection versions). There are several commercial Panda Antivirus options, which differ in the first place, by additional guarantees and enhanced antivirus options, but even the basic version offers a good level of protection.

    The graphic interface of the antivirus is concise and comfortable which is due to all the same “cloudiness” – there’s simply no need in a large amount of settings in the user's client, most important operations to eliminate virus threats are carried out online. That allows a user to recommend Panda Free Antivirus even to the most unexperienced user.





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