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    PC Wizard - a powerful program that displays the detailed information about all computer devices, the operating system and the software installed on a PC.

    PC Wizard is an excellent analogue of the standard program for viewing system information about the components of a PC. In addition to general information about all the devices located on the tab System Summary, the user access to the full information on following devices:

    • Mainboard, including the information on BIOS and chipset;
    • Processor (frequency, number of core, cache);
    • Video (information about the video card, monitor), including additional information about support Open CL and Open GL;
    • IO Ports & Drivers;
    • Printers;
    • PnP devices (mouse, webcam, joystick, etc.);
    • Multimedia – audio devices (playback, recording), MIDI devices, video codecs;
    • Network (network connection, local network);
    • Power Status (presence of batteries, battery, battery type).

    Besides, PC Wizard allows to view the information about temperature and voltage of the processor, video card and hard drives. The information about each device drivers (a version, an author, a date of manufacture, and more).

    In addition to the information about devices, PC Wizard allows to view additional information about operating system and its components, such as the desktop, active processes, DLL libraries installed certificates, and much more.





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