PeaZip 6.0.1

System / Data compression
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    PeaZip - a great archive program, that easily allows to archive files and folders, as well as open and unpack archives of any format.

    PeaZip combines powerful features of work with archives and the compact file manager for files management on the hard disk. The program supports more than 15 different archive formats, including such popular ones as following 7Z, ZIP, TAR, Gzip and ARC.

    Archiver interface is an analogue of the Windows conductor where user can navigate throughout drives and folders, as well as to perform basic actions such as copying, renaming or moving files.

    The toolbar contains shortcut buttons of basic program functions: Add (to add to the archive), Extract (to unpack an archive), and to Extract all to (to unpack the archive and to extract it to a specified location on the disk).

    Besides the standard functions of file zipping and unzipping, PeaZip also supports additional functions, such as the safe deletion and the ability to find duplicate files.

    Main advantages of the archiver include many settings when an archive is created. A user can set a password for an archive, add each file of a folders into a separate archive, as well as to send an archive by e-mail immediately after it’s been created.

    PeaZip supports many levels of compression (Store, Fastest, Fast, Normal, Maximum and Ultra), and several encryption algorithms (AES256 and ZipCrypto).

    The program differs by the high speed file archiving and archive extracting, and it’s also absolutely free.





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