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    PicPick - raster image editor that allows to create and edit image files, and also includes additional features that are rarely found in programs of this category.

    After PicPick is started the program displays a list of tasks and provides a user to select one of them, depending upon what the user wants to do. The program supports a wide range of graphic files for editing files including Adobe Photoshop, bitmaps, as well as file icons and pointers.

    Editing images in PicPick

    Image editor in PicPick allows the basic editing of image files. The editor’s interface has some similarities with the popular program MS Paint.

    While editing, a user can apply special effects (pixelation, invention), change the color balance and image size, draw lines and geometric shapes, add text, as well as use various tools (brush, eraser, fill, pencil).

    PicPick will save the image in one of the following formats: PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, and PDF.

    Screen Capture

    PicPick includes screen capturing feature, and saves a screenshot as a separate file. The program allows to capture an entire screen, the selected area, an arbitrary region, as well as the area of the window application.

    After the screen or a specific area of the screen has been captured, the program will automatically open the editor to edit the screenshot.

    Graphic Tools

    PicPick contains a large number of graphical tools for performing various kinds of tasks:

    • Color Picker - allows to specify the color of any pixel on the screen.
    • Color Palette – it’s a tool to select a color from the color palette.
    • Magnifier - The electronic magnifying glass to enlarge a specific area of the screen.
    • Pixer Ruler - a ruler to determine the distance between the pixels on the screen.
    • CrossHair - displays the coordinates of the pointer relative to the upper left corner of the screen.
    • Protractor - allows to draw different angles on the screen and measure them.
    • WhiteBoard - a tool that allows to draw directly on the screen, no matter what window is open at the moment.

    PicPick – the well localized program that supports a variety of languages, and also is free for the home use.





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