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Graphic Design / 3D modeling
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    Room Arranger is software, which allows you to create new project of your interior’s design by yourself - visually and clearly move, rotate decorative items, change their size and color, as well as to create new interior items, which you plan to add.
    The interface of the program is intuitive and accessible for users of any level.

    The program has a rich library of interior items - cabinets, various household appliances, plumbing, electrical, etc. Moreover, you can take advantage of the additional free library of images of objects visiting the official website of the program.

    Transferring pieces of furniture in the apartment is carried out by clicking the mouse. Set the size of the rooms and furniture, wall thickness, and then simply arrange the all the places. The program includes standard sizes of cabinets, appliances, lamps, sockets, switches, etc.

    To fill the rooms you can take a ready-made model from a library of any size, also you can create your own patterns and your own library of those models, which are used most often.

    The program has a handy option for publishing interactive drawings and "movement" of the project in 3D. Like other CAD applications, Room Arranger prints created by the project at any scale. To view your project in 3D use plug-in standard VRML - Cortona3D Viewer, BS Contact, etc.

    There are the program features:

    • The small size distribution, and easy to learn and use;
    • Big library of objects and subjects;
    • Moving project in 3D mode;
    • The ability to save projects in the VRML format, which makes it possible to publish interactive 3D scenes in the Internet;
    • Printing created the project in the right scale to meet the standard aspect ratio;
    • A tool to measure the available space between the objects;
    • Export the finished project as a graphic file: PNG or BMP;
    • Multilingual user's interface with support the Russian language.



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