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    Safari – a famous browser from Apple with the stylish design and a powerful functional for looking through web sites.

    The web browser includes a large amount of innovative ideas and implementations that later appeared in other browsers.

    Safari was one of the first browser in which the page with a list of popular sites has appeared. In the Apple browser this page is presented in the form of a stunning visited 3D table with miniature displays of websites.

    The history of visited websites is implemented in a similar way. The browser provides a quick search in the history of visited websites, as well as allows delete the history automatically after a certain period of time (a day, a week, a month, etc.) In order not save pages in the history of visits, a user can turn on the Private Browsing.

    In case a user wants to view certain web sites or pages later, Safari will add these links to the Reading List.

    The AutoComplete feature, which allows a user to enter details about oneself, and then to use this information to automatically fill out forms on different websites should be also mentioned.

    One of the main features of the program is the high level of customization of appearance. A user can hide certain elements and buttons from the toolbar, change their location, as well as add new functional elements.

    Safari has a full support of extensions that can be found and installed through the Safari Extensions Gallery.





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