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    SeaMonkey – is a well-known web browser with a built-in e-mail client, an HTML editor, and an IRC chat. The browser is a separate branch of the Mozilla Suite project which was developed in order to use multiple programs (a browser, an e-mail client) at the same time.

    SeaMonkey includes features and tools which can be found in such popular programs as Firefox and Thunderbird. A usage of a web browser, an HTML editor, an e-mail client, and of some other components under one program saves time and system resources.

    SeaMonkey as a web browser

    Externally, SeaMonkey resembles Mozilla Firefox. It allows to open the page in a new tab and to create bookmarks, to change the coding of the page and view the history of visited web sites.

    Besides the above, the web browser includes additional tools, such as:

    • Cookie Manager - allows to view and to delete stored cookies, to block or to permit cookies for some web-sites;
    • Image Manager - allows to edit permissions for images, to block or to permit the display of icons of specific web-sites;
    • Pop-up Manager - allows to enable or disable pop-up windows;
    • Password Manager – management of saved passwords;
    • Download Manager - management of stored files.

    The browser supports the installation of extensions that are compatible with Mozilla Firefox.

    SeaMonkey as an email client

    SeaMonkey has the integrated e-mail client that allows to use multiple e-mail accounts at the same time, to create, to send, and to receive messages through e-mail.

    The mail client allows to import mail accounts and letters from Mozila Thunderbird, to create encrypted messages, as well as to check the spelling, and to use attachments.

    SeaMonkey as an HTML editor

    SeaMonkey has its own HTML editor which allows to create and to edit HTML documents, as well as to post them on websites.

    The editor has the Preview function to view an HTML document in real time.





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