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    Skype appeared actually as the first utility of mass use for handy video connections between subscribers. Its appearance is very well coincided with the widespread network of high-speed unlimited internet.

    This product deserved it both by it's own reliability and by series of indeed revolutionary innovations, which largely determined the further image of social networks.

    Skype - it's not just a messaging protocol (text, voice, video). This program since the very moment its creation it makes the emphasis on mass character: the data stream on share by peering technology analogously to torrents.

    That allows to easily develop the network in the geometric progression, without a fear of problems with peak loads on servers. Besides, for many years these very technologies allow Skype to be one of the market leaders in terms of data confidentiality, and even now this program is regarded as one of the most secure.

    The second distinguishing feature of Skype - scaling not only network but also the system requirements, depending on tasks. A simple conversation requires quite a meager Internet speed (by modern standards), and a limited internet traffic during a video call is measured in megabytes per minute, allowing the instant messenger to conquer the Smartphone market.

    At the same time, Skype supports all modern standards of video codecs, including HD-video playback that limits the picture quality actually just by characteristics of the equipment. Besides everything else a very good chat was implemented in Skype which also became a kind of standard.

    Today Skype stands on hundreds of millions of users’ desktops, laptops, Smartphones. The program doesn’t require an additional advertising - everyone knows about it. Skype has become a symbol of the modern Internet, along with social networks, all analogous instant messengers either copy this software, or use very similar techniques.





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