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    Sleipnir – it’s another attempt to create an easy and a quick browser; however, unlike most similar programs, it has both a stylish look and a few additional features which provided it with a certain popularity at developers’ homeland - in Japan.

    Sleipnir is compatible with many (but not all) extensions for Google Chrome; however, plug-ins specifically for this browser are practically not written, due to its low prevalence. It doesn’t at all affect the efficiency of existing add-ons, but it can change the original browser design.

    Sleipnir is compatible with all modern web standards, it actively develops and has a very good performance. The project, however, has a number of unique features which enable it to draw a close attention to itself. At first, it’s hardly the only browser that contains "out of the box" image preview for each tab.

    By design, they resemble primarily the Ribbon interface of the Microsoft Office applications, moreover, they perform the same function - convenient selector tabs. If conventional browsers switching between many windows sometimes difficult, Sleipnir is very difficult to miss. Furthermore, the presence of preview eliminates the need for additional sorting of open windows.

    The second interesting feature of the browser is its focus on social networks: a built-in ability to share interesting pages on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Thirdly, along with the classic bookmarks bar (which can be switched off if necessary), the Sleipnir service offers the "favorite bookmarks" in general are similar to Opera and other popular browsers’ interfaces.

    Sleipnir is a very good solution for older computers and slow Internet connections, it is perfectly optimized and looks stylish. It’s a good alternative to a "big" browser for an everyday surfing.





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