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    Most part of modern browsers are distinguished not only by a wide variety of useful features, scalability, an ability to synchronize itself, multimedia capabilities, but also by a significant waste of system resources to support all that, and sometimes occasional crashes in OS during an excessive load.

    Therefore, the increasing popularity began to gain "light" browsers - perhaps not as powerful but very fast, providing the basic Internet navigation, and many other useful features. One of the best programs in this class SlimBrowser is one of the best programs in this category.

    Already at the first start SlimBrowser automatically offers two useful things: to import bookmarks (from IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera), and to adjust the weather display on the integrated plug-in. Moreover, both of these options are made with a convenient choice option, so that a user even before work could debug the program the way one wants.

    The graphical browser interface recalls first versions of the same Firefox, i.e. the migration from this program must take place without any problems. The program supports many useful things directly "out of the box" without having to install third-party plug-ins (although the ability to work with plug-ins for IE is also available).

    And so, there is the integration with Facebook, the built-in translator for many languages, the ad blocker, the work with groups, an improved image compression to speed up the working process, there is the menu of fast forms for the search. These functions are generally not available in the "big" browsers by default, they must include a separate plug-ins.

    All of the above makes SlimBrowser a very good choice for the Internet surfing. A fast, reliable browser with many built-in functions, which allows a user not to waste time searching for essential extensions, and immediately get to work.





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