Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag

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    Smart Defrag – it’s a powerful defragmentation tool that aims to organize files and folders so that improve the performance of a computer.

    Upon downloading the software, the main window will show both a list of all drives and their information, with which the defragmenter works as well as their information, such as status, free and total size of a file, system type, automatic defragmentation, and download time of defragmentation. In addition, a user can add specific files or folders that need to be defragmented.

    Defragmentation can be performed in three ways, namely:

    • Regular defragmentation;
    • Defragmentation and a fast optimization;
    • Defragmentation and a full optimization.

    And upon the end of the task, a computer can be turned off or automatically loaded into a sleep mode.

    Smart Defrag feature is an ability to plan defragmentation on a specific time or at specified intervals (eg, once a week at a specific time), and even allows to defragment system files before downloading the system. A user can also create a list of exceptions for any files and folders that should not be analyzed or defragmented.

    Results can be viewed in the report - before and after a fragmentation, as well as a summary of files and directories and the spent time.

    In general, Smart Defrag is a great tool to defragment a hard disk.





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