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    Speccy - a universal utility that allows to view the detailed information on all PC components.

    By means of Speccy a user can obtain the detailed information about the operating system, computer components, and connected peripheral devices.

    The data on all components is grouped into different categories:

    • Operating System: its name, the computer type, the serial number, the information about the installed firewall and antivirus, launched services, and much more;
    • CPU: the name, cores, the socket, the technology, caches, as well as the data on the average temperature of the processor with the ability to monitor changes in the temperature;
    • RAM: memory slots, the type and the size of memory, the channel level, and memory frequency;
    • Motherboard: the model, the version, the chipset, the BIOS data and the information on PCI slots;
    • Graphics: in this section the detailed information about the monitor and video card, such as current (м.б. the currency?)/the work resolution, monitor width/height, the video card model and size of its virtual memory size;
    • Storage: the data on all storage devices, including the information on the hard disk (the SATA type, heads/cylinders/tracks/sectors, the speed, the real size, and the RAID type);
    • Optical Drivers: the media type, the name, read/write capabilities;
    • Audio: the data on all recording and playback devices;
    • Peripherals: the data on external devices connected to the computer (a keyboard, a mouse, the web camera, a printer);
    • Network: information about network adapters, the current Internet connection, as well as a list of available wireless access points.

    Speccy also allows to keep the information about all PC components as a text file, or a file in XML.





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