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    SRWare Iron – it’s a browser designed to improve the original Chrome, maintaining its speed and austere appearance with minimum of decorations. The main change in this project is focused on the user's anonymity and overall safety.

    The fact is that Google Corporation for advertising and other purposes collects a lot of information from computers of unsuspecting users, not leaving any messages about this fact, and not giving the way to disable the shadowing.

    SRWare Iron developed by the German company, corrects almost all Chrome problems. With its use a search of the Internet becomes absolutely safe and anonymous, personal data of a user remains really private and not transferred to anyone.

    Iron does not spy on users by means of its technical support websites (they do not exist), and never downloads anything automatically - all updates are made entirely by hand.

    Besides, SRWare Iron, unlike Chrome, has a built-in ad blocker already, and the absence of surveillance automatically means no bothersome contextual suggestions from Google.

    In addition, the program fully supports the installation of additional Chrome plug-ins, including anti -ad ones that allows, with timely update of subscriptions, to forget about annoying and irrelevant ads forever. In addition, it is often seriously enhances the usability of overloaded by ads websites.

    The overall performance of SRWare Iron program didn’t suffer at all in comparison with Chrome: despite the large amount of additional features, system requirements are equally modest.

    Among other things, the Home Iron offers its users a convenient service for downloading images. The program can use any add-ons and extensions of Chrome, which allows even the most demanding user to customize it to suit one’s needs, and its appearance is familiar.

    Good, fast, and reliable browser for the general public.





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