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    Sublight - a small utility that allows to search for subtitles to movies.

    Due to the Sublight program, users can watch movies in foreign languages ​​using subtitles in their native language , as well as to watch movies with subtitles in a foreign language. Sublight is very easy to install and to use. To start using the program, the Sublight account must be created.

    After installing the software, a user can select one or a few preferred subtitle languages. A user can also add a new item to the context menu of video files for quick subtitles retrieval.

    To start searching for subtitles simply drag the video file into the program window, or use the context menu item. A user can also use the manual method for finding subtitles by entering a film's title into the omnibox.

    After a file is added, Sublight will search for matching subtitles, and subtitles will issue the list of information about the author, language, as well as the date and the number of file downloads.

    A user can immediately play the video file with subtitles, or save subtitles on computer.

    Besides the main function of subtitle search, Sublight also allows to add one’s own subtitles to the database. To do this, a user must have the privileges of the author.





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