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    TeamViewer is a universal application for a remote access to any computer with a network connection and settings. It's also a convenient manager of conferences, including ones with a large number of participants.

    Managing the work of a powerful desktop with, for example, a compact netbook can be useful when a large presentation in a large companytakes place, when in the conference hall there is no suitable equipment for product demonstrations, as well as the physical capacity to move it to the operator.

    System administrators use TeamViewer for finding and fixing errors in the user's PC, without interrupting the overall workflow. An online conference, of course, can also be performed on Skype, but Skype does not allow to see the processes on the computer of another party.

    Based on the logic of the above TeamViewer GUI is built. Functionally, it is divided into two main tabs: "Remote Control" and "Meeting". When one creates a blitz conference all participants are assigned unique disposable ID, not used anywhere else.

    The program has a tri-color "traffic light" indicator of the degree of readiness of PC participants for connection. It records necessary video sessions, and allows to log into the system via the web interface, without the use of the TeamViewer client. The most useful option is an ability to schedule events in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook or its analogues.

    As for the remote control - it also uses the ID and temporary password (for security reasons). In addition to the common file tossing, this program supports the creation of the full-fledged VPN with an ability to customize rules of data communication protocols. When operating in the remote access to the admin computer opens a standard GUI Windows.

    Besides everything else TeamViewer is perfectly adapted to mobile platforms and is able to perform practically all functions on them, limitations in this respect are purely hardware. That allows to remotely administer computers even from one’s smartphone.






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