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    Telegram is a fast and convenient program for messaging from the creator of the most popular social network in Russia, created by the American company Digital Fortress. As login, all customers use the telephone number with authentication by SMS code. Compared to other messengers, it has a number of obvious advantages.

    Skype has a lot of shortcomings in the implementation, but it exists on most popular platforms. Viber covers iOS, Android, PC and Mac, but customers develop poorly. WhatsApp is chat service of major league, but it is available only on mobile platforms. Telegram has a powerful foundation and cross-platform support.

    Latest updates brought also an opportunity to communicate in Snapchat, the secret chats. It is possible to make the time interval, through the sent message will be deleted. In addition, it has a support of user-names, so now you can communicate in Telegram even if you do not know the number of the mobile.

    There are key features of Telegram:

    • Privacy and security - protection the messages against interception is the basis of this messenger’s popularity. The data in the data centers are stored on disk in encrypted form, where each cluster is encrypted with a private key, which is stored in a different cluster under a different jurisdiction. Self-liquidating messages are not stored;
    • Cloud structure - remote servers are used to store data, so you can get access to the messages in on all devices. The correspondence can be read as on notebook with Windows, and on your smartphone with Android;
    • Speed - data centers are located in different cities, countries, continents, each has owned jurisdiction. Service is definitely faster than sending standard messages and mail;
    • Comprehensiveness – servers are scattered around the world. There are five data centers, which are responsible for a specific region;
    • Openness - open ource API MTProto and Telegram give everyone the opportunity to create their own, enhanced or expanded version;
    • Telegram is free and without advertising - this main point of the messenger. It will not be surcharged and any subscriptions or ads banners in the contact list will not appear;
    • Cross-platform - there are versions for all platforms, even for Linux;
    • Power - Telegram has no limit to the amount of messages per day, documents, pictures, or the time of using the application.





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