Tixati 2.34

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    Tixati - modern torrent client that allows you to share files in BitTorrent networks. Unlike other torrent clients, this program is absolutely free and does not contain adware.

    Tixati works with torrent files and with magnet-links, and different usability and customization. During the opening of the torrent file, the program allows you to specify basic settings before downloading files.

    A user can select a destination folder, set a download priority, limit the download speed, as well as to choose the action that will be executed after the downloading process. If a user is going to seed a torrent, one can specify the upload ratio limit, as well as limit the speed.

    During the download, a user can view the detailed information about a file, since the end of downloads and other information. Tixati will also provide information about the traffic in the convenient form of graphs in real time.

    For advanced users the client will provide additional tools such as viewing the DHT (Distributed Hash Table), as well as the IP Filter for filtering of IP addresses or groups of IP addresses.

    As any torrent client, Tixati is able to create one’s own torrent files. In order to create your own .torrent file, simply specify a file or a folder, piece size (64 KB by default), and additional parameters if necessary. The resulting file can be saved on a computer in the form of a .torrent file or a magnet-link.

    Among additional features of the client the ability to change the appearance by means of color schemes, as well as many other options to change the UI should be allocated.






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