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    Tor Browser is a powerful free program for safe and secure browsing. It offers you to change your IP-address, so viewing websites will be absolutely anonymous. By that function, the built-in utility gives you a chance to download files from file sharing, to make a new registration on the blocked sites and to ban tracking your certain place.

    Tor Browser features

    • Change IP-address;
    • Closes access to the data about the user’s location;
    • Comfortable browser;
    • Safe from checking viewed sites by other users;
    • Delete files Cookies after you close your browser;
    *Relay traffic inside the network Tor.

    After starting the "Start Tor Browser", you will see a window with two options:

    • Direct connection to the Tor network. This option is suitable if you think that your Internet working is not under the watch or extra control. In case, you want to get an access to the blocked site.
    • Adjust the network settings. If you have reason to think that your internet work is checking by someone, this variant is for you. For example, if Tor is banned in your country.

    Your choice may be affected by the laws and the current situation in the country where you use Internet. It is possible that in your country the best choice would be the first option while on a business trip in another country - the second and vice versa.

    This window appears only once when you first start Tor, but the settings are possible to be changed anytime. The second option is good for more advanced users.

    Thanks relaying Internet traffic list of visited sites is not can controlled by other users. By this function, you can mix the traffic of all users to block tracking of your traffic.

    When you close the browser files Cookies will be deleted for security reasons. So if you value the privacy of our data, we recommend you to download the package Tor Browser Bundle for Windows.

    The set of tools contains the portable version of Mozilla Firefox. The program gives you a chance to browse websites safely and anonymously, and the control panel Vidalia, where you can view a graph of the traffic, log messages and make the changes of the Internet access settings.

    Shift IP-addresses allows downloading files from sharing services with the condition for using a single IP-address. If your account with the IP-address is blocked on any website, using Tor Browser Bundle you can register again. Top Browser does not betray your present location and make your searching safety.

    Tor Browser is very useful to get confidentiality in Internet working.





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