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    Torch Browser – it’s a modern web browser created on the bases of the popular Google Chrome, and which includes additional tools for listening to music, downloading video files, and share files via BitTorrent protocol.

    Externally, the browser is very similar to Chrome and supports all functions available in the browser from Google. A user has an ability to view the history, to open sites in different tabs, to use the Private Browsing Mode, as well as to install any Google Chrome extensions.

    If you have Google Chrome, when you first start Torch Browser, it imports all bookmarks, extensions and history of visits of the browser.

    Besides the standard functions there are additional tools that are available to a user thatwhich will make browsing the web sites more comfortable.

    Download Media

    Torch Browser automatically scans web pages for videos, and allows to download videos to one’s PC. Users can download videos from any web sites, including such popular ones as YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

    In addition, the browser allows to extract audio tracks from video clips, allowing to save one’s favorite songs from favorite video clips.

    Torch Games

    Another interesting feature of the browser is its own platform for entertaining with a large number of mini-games. Torch Browser allows to play various games without having to go to other sites.

    Torch Music

    Using Torch Browser one can create one’s own online media library, to listen to one’s favorite songs and watch video clips of one’s favorite artists. Torch Music is a music collection, which contains the information about artists and albums, and all the songs are divided into genres.

    A user can use the search to listen to one’s favorite songs, as well as create one’s own playlists.

    Torch Torrent

    Torch Browser - one of the few browsers with the built-in torrent client. Using Torch Torrent one can download files from the torrent servers, to seed, as well as to monitor the entire download process.





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