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    Tux Paint – It’s an excellent program for drawing that’s focused exclusively on children. Despite the apparent simplicity and modest set of tools the program is perfect for children to master basic operations and technology when working with PC graphics.

    Tux Paint includes the following tools:

    • "Paint" – to paint by means of a brush. The program includes more than 50 different brushes for painting;
    • "Lines" – to draw straight lines using brushes;
    • "Shapes" – to draw geometrical shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, etc.);
    • "Text" and "Label" – to add a text to a painting. A user can select the font color and change the text size;
    • "Eraser" – to remove unwanted parts of a drawing;
    • "Stamp" – to add different stamps (objects). By default, the program contains only a few stamps, but you can download additional stamps from the official website;
    • "Magic" - the most interesting tool to add to the image various filters and effects (Bricks, Blur, Darken, Fisheye, Flip, Picasso, Sharpen, Zoom, and many others).

    When creating a new drawing, a child can choose canvas with a certain background color, a photo, or a coloring image with a white background and image contours .

    Tux Paint developers have taken care not only of the pleasant graphic program design but also supplemented it with sound effects by using different tools.

    After drawing, a child can save the image or ask parents to print it. The saved drawing can be opened for editing later. If a child has saved a few pictures, they can be viewed as a slideshow.

    Along with the program the "Tux Paint Config" utility will also be installed on the PC which will change the basic parameters of the program itself. It’ll enable a user to do the following:

    • to change the size of the program window and orientation;
    • to enable or disable sound effects;
    • to change the program language;
    • to replace the basic palette;
    • to set the settings when printing and saving a drawing.

    Tux Paint – it’s multilingual software that supports a large number of languages, it can run in a full-screen and a window mode, and it’s absolutely free.

    A simple interface, a plenty of interesting filters and effects, ease of use - that’s what makes Tux Paint a favorite drawing program both for children and adults.





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