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    UltraCompare is a program for system administrators and generally all users which deal with large repositories of files.

    During the process of an accumulation of a considerable amount of duplicates, broken archives, just useless junk files takes place. UltraCompare analyzes the content of files, and provides a detailed report with the possibility of further action. The program is very useful both by its "omnivorousity" and implemented number of unique realized features.

    First of all, the UltraCompare feature is that the program doesn’t only compare contents of text documents (which already makes the program very useful for the business management), but it also allows to do it with popular archive formats which saves much space.

    The program is compatible and fully integrated with similar programs for the business management from the same developer - in conjunction with UltraEdit and UEStudio a wide variety of file operations can be performed. All these programs aren’t cheap but they have free trial versions. Basically, this utility is quite highly specialized, and therefore worth the cost.

    Another specific feature of UltraCompare is the ability to combine text files, which is indispensable when working with large amounts of information. The program perfectly understands different types of layouts, can compare individual columns in width, fully supports the Unicode, and even is able to analyze the PDF content.

    An ability to synchronize folders on multiple devices can also be considered as a useful bonus. In general, UltraCompare is suitable both for creating a personal digital library, and for organizing large amounts of information in institutions dealing with the fundamental science.






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