UltraEdit 22.20

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    UltraEdit - a professional text editor that allows to work with different formats and encodings of text files.

    The editor allows to open and edit the following text formats: .txt, .doc, .bat, .ini, .cpp, .hpp, .html, and .java. When saving a file, a user can specify the encoding of a document (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, Unicode), as well as the type of line feed (CR/LF, CR, LF).

    A user’s text document can be encrypted by means of the passphrase. The editor will also allow to decrypt the encrypted files.

    The program's interface leaves a pleasant impression. The stylish, compact design, the function menu, the convenient toolbar, the edit area with a horizontal ruler and line numbers allow a user to feel oneself quite comfortable.

    UltraEdit allows to change the program’s appearance by selecting a specific theme. At will a user can create one’s own theme with its own set of colours for each element of the editor.

    As any other modern text editor, UltraEdit allows to perform all standard operations with a text: to change the size, the font and the colour of a text, to add or to remove the padding, to format paragraphs.

    Besides the above, the editor has its own unique tools. Thus, it allows to work with multiple open documents simultaneously - to search and to replace a text by means of regular expressions, to check the text on the HTML validation, as well as to view contents of a document in HEX encoding.

    In addition, the program allows to use an external tool – UltraCompare Lite, which allows to compare text documents and to highlight areas where changes took place. The utility allows to compare up to three documents simultaneously.

    One of UltraEdit features is the presence of code highlight and tools to work with FTP/SSH which allow to use the editor as a complete tool to write and edit the code both by developers and programmers.

    The code highlight function supports 14 different programming languages ​​and a document markup, including C ++, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, VisualBasic, XML and some others.

    UltraEdit has a full support of FTP/SSH which allows to connect to FTP /SSH servers, as well as to open, to edit, and to save files directly on the server’s side. Availability of the control manager of FTP/SSH accounts suggests an UltraEdit as a full-fledged FTP/SSH client.





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