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    uTorrent - the most popular torrent client for downloading files via BitTorrent.

    This protocol uses peer-to-peer technology, which allows to download files not from servers but from computers of other users, which significantly increase the download speed.

    uTorrent is an easy to use program that has a minimum size, doesn’t take much space on a computer, and doesn’t use a lot of system resources.

    When operating, uTorrent is minimized to the system tray. After loading a file, the program notifies a user by means of the special message and the voice signal.

    uTorrent has several advantages, which essentially makes it stand out among similar programs. For example, the program allows to set priorities when downloading multiple files simultaneously.

    The speed limiting function when downloading files is also available. uTorrent allows not only to download files, but also to create one's own Torrent. User can select files and folders that he wants to add to Torrent file, specify the number of parts into which the files should be broken, as well as, if desired, add a comment.

    The program is constantly updated and improved. Currently, uTorrent supports more than 50 languages, and also has a good technical support.





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