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    VSDC Free Video Editor is a full-featured video editor for editing and fitting of video, with additional features to capture and convert videos.

    Despite the fact that VSDC Free Video Editor is a free application, the program looks as a professional video editor, and provides all necessary tools for qualitative video editing.

    The editor works with different video sources, including video files on a computer, and allows to capture video from different devices, or from the screen. When creating a new project, the user can select the video resolution, framerate, frequency, size of the video and some additional parameters.

    During editing a video, a user can follow these steps:

    • Resize video;
    • Create layers (sprites) and edit;
    • Cutting and split video;
    • Reversal video;
    • Removal of a particular fragment of a video;
    • Change of video parameters, such as location of the video screen, video size, changing the number of frames to increase or decrease the speed of playback, changing the background color, and many others;
    • Basic functions video pictures editing: adding different shapes, text, tooltip, animation, images, sound and video;
    • Creation of screenshot of the current frame.

    Besides the basic functions of the video editor it also enables a user to impose a variety of audio and video effects and filters (Auto Levels, Auto Contrast, Fade In, Fade Out, Blur, Sharpen and many others).

    After editing and montage video, a user can save videos in any format, and select the device for which this video was designed.
    VSDC Free Video Editor allows to convert video for PC, DVD, iPhone, iPad, Web, PlayStation, Xbox and many other devices in formats of AVI, MPG, MOV, WMV, MKV, RM, SWF, FLV, and others.

    Additional tools of VSDC Free Video Editor:

    • Video capturing - allows to capture a video and audio from a variety of devices, including smart phones, video cameras, microphones, etc;
    • Screen capturing - capture video from the screen;
    • Disc burner - a tool for burning CDs, including creation and recording video to DVD discs;
    • Video downloader - a utility for downloading videos from various video hosting sites, including YouTube.





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