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    The development of Vuze (yet then it was known as Azureus) had begun many years ago, since then many new features have been added to the program.

    Moreover, some old Vuze versions themselves becme a basis for many torrent-clients such as BitTyrant and so on. Today it is a very popular multimedia application, which includes a set of functions with an ability of the user’s extension.

    Vuze offers a wide range of possibilities. At first, it is a torrent client that has full functional (DHT, magnet-links, intelligent connection management, etc.)

    At second, it's a streaming video player like VLC, i.e. with proper settings a user is able to listen to music, watch TV and movies over the Internet using the Bit-Torrent protocol.

    At third, the program has a great potential for data encryption, and works with anonymous networks for content distribution. Unique features of the program include monitoring incoming and outgoing connections in the real time, availability of the proper file type (with the .vuze extension), and our own media content network (selection of recommended movies (including HD-quality ones), games, opportunities to track novelties of entertainment industry and useful programs through RSS).

    Vuze supports its own news service, and always keeps users up to date with current trends and the introduction of new, useful features into its products.

    Vuze is available in three versions, two of which are free. The basic one provides a user with all mentioned above functional, and the ability to activate additional features.

    Vuze Plus isn’t a free application (it costs about thirty dollars a year), it adds to its own antivirus, tools for recording DVD, and disables the display of advertisements, which is always on the client by default. Vuze Leap – a shortened (and is also free) version of the client base, it’s a standard program for working with torrents which design is unified with the majority of applications for Windows 8.

    Leap has less abilities for an adjustment but it’s much better optimized for older or office computers, it’s a complete application for sharing files that you can safely recommend to any other user.





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