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    Winamp Media Player - a legendary audio player that plays any types of audio files, and supports a large number of skins to change the appearance.

    Development and support of the player was conducted from 1997 by the known company Nullsoft. During just a few years the audio player has broken all records of popularity, and was installed on almost every PC.

    Up until the mid-2000’s playing audio files was associated exclusively with Winamp Media Player.

    One of advantages of the player is the availability of numerous skins which allow to change the appearance of the program. Besides skins, a user can choose different color schemes that change the color palette of the current skin.

    The player has a powerful equalizer to change the sound of audio files. During playback, a user can use visualization to display various graphical effects.

    Winamp plays not only audio but also some video file formats (AVI, MPEG, MKV, FLV).

    The player allows to create, open, and edit playlists. Winamp Media Player supports such types of playlists as ASX, M3U, PLS, and some others.

    A user can control the audio player only by using the keyboard. Winamp supports more than 50 different keyboard shortcuts. Winamp Media Player supports playback of streaming audio/video. By means of the player a user can listen to Internet radio stations.

    Since December 2013 development and distribution of the player was temporarily suspended. Users can’t download the player from official website of the program but Winamp still spreads to some software sites including our website.





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