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    WinSCP is primarily a highly specialized professional SFTP client which, however, can also be used as a file management program.

    The program appearance can be configured analogically to Windows Explorer or similar to the classic two-panel file manager (the most popular implementation of which today is Total Commander).

    But if Total Commander allows to perform primarily only the basic operations with the user's files, WinSCP relies on data security, and is useful not only for an ordinary user but also for a system administrator.

    WinSCP provides a user with ample opportunities to secure file transfer, allows to apply different types of users’ authentication with different types of passwords, to use authorization with an open key, synchronize folders on different devices.

    The program is equipped with a built-in simple text editor (similar, for example, to Notepad), and FTP client (similar to many, including paid file managers). Opportunities to work with files on user's computer basically duplicate Total Commander: copy, delete, drag and drop, it is possible to safely upload files to the FTP server (like protected ways of copying) using the FTP/SFTP protocol.

    The possibility to save the connections configuration and automate performed tasks by creating user’s scripts in the command console of the classic kind. The program is well integrated in Windows (particularly in support of labels) and enables a user to work with the system registry and configuration file which is much more convenient.

    WinSCP is a good and free alternative to many programs for working with files through the FTP protocol, and ensures their safety at the proper level. The program is recommended for a wide range of users.





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