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    XnConvert – it’s an irregular converter, which allows not only to convert images from one graphic format into another but it also changes the photo by applying filters and effects.

    File Format Support

    XnConvert supports a large number of graphic formats. The program allows to open both known file formats (BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG), as well as rather specific ones (ICO, MIF, PIC, VST, PSD).

    In addition to graphic formats the program also allows to open such files as CSV and PDF.

    Converting images

    Converting images by means of XnConvert is implemented on the intuitive level. In order to add files for converting one just needs to use the "Add Files" button.

    On the Output tab a user can select the file format into which the original file will be converted. Besides, for some formats, a user can specify additional settings. For example, one can specify JPG Quality, and for PNG - compression level and filter. On this tab, a user can select the path to save converted images, and set the file name mask.

    To start the conversion process one must use the "Convert" button. After conversion, the program will give a detailed report on the Status tab.

    Adding filters and effects

    XnConvert can both convert an image and resize it, crop and flip images, as well as add special effects and watermarks.

    In order to change an image, one must go to the Actions tab and choose an appropriate action by means of the button "Add actions". A user can select multiple actions simultaneously. Each action (tool filter effect) has its default configuration which can be changed.

    Among most popular tools of XnConvert for image editing and adding special effects are the following:

    • Resizing;
    • Selection a fragment of the image and save it in a separate file;
    • Flipping;
    • Add text and watermarks;
    • Change the color and the color depth;
    • Automatically change the contrast, color balance, and normalization;
    • Remove metadata;
    • Adding filters: Average, Blur, Emboss, Gaussian Blur, Sharpen, Soften, and some others;
    • Adding various special effects: Bloom, Border, Crystallize, Lens, Mosaic, Oil painting, Retro, Wives, and many others.

    A user can keep track of all changes using the Preview mode (tabs Before and After). Retention of all changes is performed the same button – "Convert".





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